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Through content and community organizing we're bringing you the latest news, discussions, and updates on local government in Saint Louis.

Want to have a special screening of Straight Facts in your community? Email Kelly at for details!

Straight Facts

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This animated series provides a high-level overview of how our local government works and, most importantly, how residents can influence those processes to improve our community. Check out the series here.

Monday Nite Live

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Drama, foolery, and a sprinkle of policy. Join us every Monday at 7pm as we break down what’s happening in St. Louis politics. Check out the show here.

Want to have an in-person Monday Nite Live show in your community? Email Kelly at for details!

Community Meet Ups

Transform 314 coordinates Community Meet Ups in St. Louis City & County that facilitate dialogue between elected officials and residents, so that we all understand our roles and responsibilities concerning the betterment of our communities.

Want to have a Community Meet up in your area, discussing anything related to local government? Email Kelly and for details!

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